From Fat to Fit

99 ways of how to get more exercise

or so I hope:)

One of my 26 goals for this year is to work out regularly – at least 3 times a week. Bryan and I joined the YMCA and in the past eight days I have gone FIVE times!!!

FIVE TIMES!!! That is a HUGE victory for me! I did three spinning classes and two days of cardio.

In order to go to the gym the past week, I had to be super scheduled in my life – planning exactly the times I would work, packing my gym bag ahead of time, having dinner in the crockpot, etc. It is definitely a big commitment for me. I often work later than I intend to, so it’s been a big shift leaving when I say I will regardless of what crisis or paperwork beckons.

I am also realizing how an hour and a half (to get to the gym/ work out/ get home) in the evening significantly cuts into my time at home. However when I feel this way I want to remember why I exercise!

Exercise is SO good for me and here are the reasons why:

1. It is a huge stress reliever. Earlier this week I had an intense crisis at a home visit and stressful end to my day… it was great to jump on a treadmill and GET IT OUT! I pushed hard and just let that adrenaline fly.

2. I feel so great when I’m working my body hard. I’m one of those people that feels good during AND after a work out. It starts once I am warmed up, goes through the workout and lasts all the day!!

3. I love how my body changes. It gets stronger and feels better. Almost immediately my clothes fit a little better – what’s not to love about that?

4. I have more energy. I am less tired and feel more alert during the days. It even helps me to be more motivated to do things around the house!

5. I want to eat better. I’ve never been one of those people who can just work out and lose weight. Diet works,  diet/exercise works even better! When I’m working my butt off, it makes me want to eat soup instead of that creamy pasta. Why waste all those calories I just burned?

6. It’s a fun way to see friends more. A couple of our good friends got Y passes recently and two of the spinning instructors go to our church! Working out with a friend is a great motivator and is good fun living life with others.

7. I don’t get winded doing lame things like going up the steps. Yes, clutch.

8. It’s fun!! I wish I was one of those impressive athletes that thought running 10 miles was fun. Alas, I’m not that (yet?!? whoa, now that’s ridiculous.) However it is pretty fun and I get excited when I accomplish something. I did some jazz hands when I did 20 miles in my spinning class – so stoked!

9. It makes me praise God for my body. About 99% of the time I feel my body is the enemy because it can’t bring forth life – – what I feel like is the most important thing for it to do. Not only that (HUGE) thing, but PCOS brings with it many awful symptoms that are manifested in my body (weight gain and difficulty losing weight being two of them!) Instead of cursing my body, exercise causes me THANK GOD for it!

10. It’s a habit I want/ need to do for the rest of my life. Yes, I want to lose weight. But even more I want to get fit inside and out – fight disease and be healthy for the rest of my life!

PROPS to you all that exercise regularly! And those who are with me – wanting to make this life change and struggling, I encourage you to go out there and DO IT!!


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