Visions of a Double Birthday

Now the birthday fun is officially over (we had lunch with my parents this past weekend and just got our LAST birthday cards!) so here’s a quick recap:)

My day began with my 2nd ever spinning class with Curry

Then we enjoyed lunch at Steph’s

Anna loved the guac (who wouldn’t?)

The lunch time crew – Steph made white chicken chili! Delicious!

Next up? An afternoon latte…PSL mind you! WOOHOO!

Flowers from my husband:)

My SUPER fun Le Creuset 9×13 pan my sister-in-law got me!

In a lovely shade of purple

Yummy dinner and generous presents from the Lopinas

And don’t forget happy birthday Bryan waffles

Then we grabbed a little snack after dropping off the typing – coke zero/ diet coke from chick-fil-a and pretzel bites from Servatiis!

By the by, Rob and Kim got us a chilli’s gift card but um, we already used it.

It was very good.

Moving on…

Lots of birthday cards

This one is hilarious

“Because you’re such a wonderful son-in-law, we would be honored to share our family fortune with you.”

“Unfortunately your wife already spent it all while she was growing up.”

HAHA! Nice.

Bonefish Grill, Baby

and… DUN, DUN DAH!!!

Burn Notice!

Season 3… WITH Season 4 pre-ordered! SWEET!

A few more AWESOME charms for my bracelet

Dog cards…my 15 month old niece picked them out:) and a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD for me and Amazon for hubs from my brother and sister-in-law – awesome!!

I forgot to mention my parents gave me a starbucks gift card. It came in the form of a roll of dollar coins which my dad stuck a piece of paper that said “Star.” on it. Hilarious!!

But regardless – love them both!!

Heather Jamison made me some homemade vanilla! How cute is this?


an awesome homemade “Ideas” binder made by Steph

Tabs for around the house, cleaning/ organizing and seasonal!

And please note that “Ideas” is filled in with crayon:)

Clutch. My first two weeks of being 26 are alllllright.

Thanks SO much everybody! For the birthday wishes, cards, presents and all. We love you very much!


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3 Responses to Visions of a Double Birthday

  1. Curry Winters says:

    no pictures of the roll of gold coins? disappointing!!!!

  2. steph says:

    glad you enjoyed my coloring project :) This is what happens when you craft with a 2 year old – haha

  3. em says:


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