I MET THE PIONEER WOMAN!!! Commence Freaking Out.

BIG NEWS people.

On Friday evening, I met THE Pioneer Woman. Yes, her, Ree Drummond in the flesh.

She is in the process of doing a book tour and – lo and behold! – was coming to Cincinnati! I was so excited and recruited my friend Curry who was STOKED to come with me!!

It was at Joseph Beth Bookstore in Rookwood. She was scheduled to talk for a bit at 6pm. Curry and I had to park a bit away and as we walked closer – AHH!!! We heard her. Oh boy!

She talked to the group (a WHOLE bunch of women!! and a few silly guys too) for a bit, answering questions and just introducing herself. That’s me listening on the left:)

I LOVE her blog but I didn’t really know what to expect seeing her in person, ya know? But girl is SO humble, funny and incredibly relatable!! So was so likeable and personable it was slightly ridiculous!! Pretty impressive for shooting to blog stardom so quickly!

Even John was craning his neck to get a good look at her:)

Hi PW!!! We love you!!!


PW, you make us laugh and cry and cook with butter all day!!

And now to wait…

We hung out in the bookstore for a couple hours

Realizing later that we should have gone and picked up graeters or starbucks in the meantime!

Next time we’ll plan ahead better:)

But we had a great time!!

Spent hours hanging out, playing with John and looking through cookbooks, talking about all the delicious things we could make and eat and blog

With a couple of my favorite people!!!

And did I mention that John was SO, SO good?!?

He was happy as a clam the WHOLE time we waited!

And then… finally… our letter was called


WOOHOO!!! We cheered, did a little dance and some jazz hands.

I threw John up in the air and he squealed! He was stoked too!!

Walking up the stairs… we are getting close people!

And at this time John had throngs of girls smiling and talking to him.

Watch out women of the world!! He’s starting early.

And Curry was holding him while I was lugging up a giant diaper bag, my purse and the infant carrier – whew! But no fear…. we are getting closer

We’re next. I’m kind of nervous! I’ve never done anything like this before where you meet someone, have them autograph a book and all those shenanigans

Actually I think the only autographs I’ve ever gotten were from Disney characters when I went to DisneyWorld last year.

Just joking – I was 8.

I realized later, I should have thought of what I wanted to say BEFORE the fact.

Oh well – we’re up next!!!

Here we go!!!!

(Please ignore that I look 400 pounds in this picture. It’s the uh… angle.

And why I need to keep spinning)

Me: (very excited) HI!

Ree: Hi.

Me: How are you?

Ree: Good, how are you?

Me: Good! Good to see you!

(awkward pause while she signs my book.)

Me: My friend Emily lives in Minnesota and she was SO sad to miss you!

Ree: Aw, well tell her I missed her  – how’s that?

Me: Awesome! Thanks

(ran out of things to talk about… thinking – didn’t I want to say something? Something about… something? What am I supposed to say?)

Curry saves the day

Curry: Will you sign my apron?

Ree: Sure! I’ll sign anything.

Ree: Do you just want me to write my name?

Curry: Uhh, sure

Jackie: Fun! So then it’s like you’re cooking with PW!

And then Ree tells us John is cute and Curry asks about her manicure. PW updates us about her shellac manicure and we ooh and ahh at her nails… until the bookstore ladies tells us it’s picture time!!


Love, love, love!!

Pioneer Woman,

if I wasn’t awkward and bumbling over what I should have said I would have told you that I LOVE your blog! I’ve learned a ton of cooking techniques and have made so many of your yummy recipes.  You’ve made me love cooking and food even more! PW has become a household name for me and my friends and we laugh at our shared cooking stories:) Thanks for sharing your home and passion with us!

(and I would also buy you graeter’s raspberry chip ice cream. You’re welcome)


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5 Responses to I MET THE PIONEER WOMAN!!! Commence Freaking Out.

  1. andrea says:

    SO JEALOUS! I *LOVE* this post…your excitement and your bubbly personality are coming through…makes me feel like I was there with you!

  2. em says:

    oh my gosh. HA-larious. i am laughing out loud really quietly because dan fell asleep on the couch, but i seriously LOVE this story! and, side note, you look adorable! cute outfit and you definitely don’t look 400 lbs or anywhere close :) i am so glad that i got to participate vicariously in this event.
    love you so much!!!!!

  3. Kristin Lewis says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! and i love that you said “it’s like your cooking with PW!” haha. you ladies are AWESOME..and go John! way to hang in there.

  4. Curry Winters says:

    I just re lived the entire night! IT was a blast:)

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