PW’s Autographs and the After Party

So on Monday I blogged about meeting the Pioneer Woman!! It is a ridiculous post and you should probably read it to get a little background. Wondering what she signed? Here’s a glimpse:)

Curry’s apron

I love all the hearts:)

And the books!!

Here’s my cookbook!

WOO HOO!!!!!

After the excitement of the book signing, we wanted to go somewhere else for a bit! We had thought about Graeter’s or Starbucks or something. But Curry had been talking about “THE BEST QUESO DIP EVER” at J. Alexander’s. So we were deciding between the three.

Please, remember we had John and were deciding if it would be completely irresponsible to go somewhere and sit or if we should just grab something on the drive home

The decision was made

We went to J. Alexander’s – – with a sleeping baby in his infant carrier – – at like 10pm:)

Hilarious!! But it was WELL worth it!!!

Spinach queso dip – YUM!!


Chocolate Cake – YUM!

That food does sound divine, but the company was even better. It was SO, SO good to spend time with my dear friend Curry. She loves me and cares for me so well and speaks truth that penetrates my heart. Thank you for being such a life giving friend, Cur. I absolutely LOVE getting extended time with you and getting to share our lives and our hearts. Love you, love you, love you so much!!


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