Challenges of the Week

  • Challenge #1:

So on our date night last week I was telling a story and my husband just started cracking up.

“What?” I asked him.

“You NEVER finish a sentence! You always end with ‘you know’ or ‘whatever’ and you cut yourself off constantly! You just said – well last week at work, well I actually did it this week too and it was just you know…”

YIKES. If you’ve ever talked to me in person you KNOW how true this is. My rebuttle?

“I’ve been talking all day! I’m too tired to use words. You know what I mean when I said ‘you know’ don’t you?”

What a lame excuse:) Haha so this week I’ve been TRYING to speak real words. Instead of saying “it was so delicious and just you know, whatever” I’ve said “It was so delicious and I was very happy with this dish.”

I’ve been trying hard to not be such a valley girl in my life:)

  • Challenge #2:

As I’ve written before, my husband and I joined the YMCA last month. All of February I went 4 or 5 times a week – SUCCESS!!! Huge victory for me. I was “trying” to lose weight, so pulled out all my “go-to” healthy foods. However I was eating big desserts (CUPCAKES) every night and eating whatever I wanted on the weekends. And (surprise!) my scale didn’t budge. Which is actually a good thing, because if I hadn’t been working out it would have been going up, up, up!

But since I am working hard at the gym and feeling healthier, I want to get that healthy eating back in gear too! My body responds excellently to the diet/ exercise combo (duh.)

So after a weekend of chocolate cake at Bonefish Grill, 2 cupcakes at the Winters’ and Chinese food AND LaRosa’s all in one day, I needed a “detox” on Monday. I told myself I am going to eat healthy! (And not ruin it all with 4 desserts, which is my usual M.O.) Success!

I figured – what the hey? While I’m feeling super motivated let’s do Tuesday too – another success!!! Wednesday was pretty good and I’m hoping this can be my “new normal” (since it should ALWAYS BE!) I’m trying to kick up the self control about 6 notches and get my butt in healthy eating gear this week. What’s the use in burning off 600 calories in a spinning class if I’m going to eat two cupcakes and make up for it (plus some)?!?

So my week challenges are: verbalizing my thoughts better and finishing sentences:) and trying to eat healthy. So far, so good. Hopefully it’s not beginner’s luck!

Do you ever set little challenges for yourself? What is something you’ve tried to change recently?


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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3 Responses to Challenges of the Week

  1. Terri Martin says:

    I love reading your blog…just sayin! I find it very awesome!!! :)

  2. andrea says:

    love it…i need to be less of a valley girl too:)

    keep up the good work, it’s so worth it! and by the way you are incredibly beautiful just the way you are!

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