Another Hilarious Day in the Office…

At my job, I do home visits with families.  This throws a wrench in all the traditional ideas of what a job looks like!!  I spend some time in our office where I do paperwork and data entry. But more often than not, I’m prepping for visits – racing around the office to copy handouts and grabbing developmentally appropriate toys –  before I leave for the day to drive around, knock on doors and sit on the floor to play with kids and educate parents!  My job is so great (probably the best it’s been since I’ve started!) and I am SO thankful God has given me a job and one that I am constantly learning, growing professionally and that I enjoy!

I’ve posted some about my job, two posts in particular, called “what I do all day.”  One is silly and one is a little more thoughtful.

Due to the silly things in my job (see above) and working with lots of people, babies and toddlers, I do have some funny stories.  My recent favorite was with a family I’ve had the pleasure of working with for 3+ years now.  I originally worked with their older sibling and then with their 2-year-old.  The family told me Thursday that they are moving out of the county so our visit yesterday was our last one:) Sad!

But here’s a recent favorite tribute story for them:)

When I came out late fall, the child was not saying much.  Mom and I discussed getting her evaluated to see if she would qualify for services for a speech delay.

From the time we scheduled the evaluation to when they came out to do it, the child was talking more!  She did not qualify as having a delay, which was good news!  She basically had a late speech explosion (a term I love to use) and went from saying only “uhhhh!” to saying about 15-30 words in a few months.  Awesome!

During my most recent visit,  Mom told me the words the child can say.  She told me the 2 year old “learned the word “baby” from Justin Bieber.”  We laughed and moved on.  Later, Mom brought this up again and talked about how the child LOVES Justin Bieber and “freaks out” anytime they see him.  She said “here, let me show you.”

She then proceeded to turn on the TV and get a music video on.  The child was distracted, but then when she saw the music video come up, she looked,

gasped out of excitement

and yelled


proceeding to bounce around the room for the length of the song singing “baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.”

HILARIOUS. Here is this 2-year-old who months ago was only grunting, now shouting for joy at Justin Bieber and singing “baby, baby, baby.”

That story brings a smile to my face. And since that escapade – I have downloaded “baby” on my iPod and totally listen to it while working out. That Bieber kid is just so darn cute, it reminds me of that sweet family and – hey, it’s catchy!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it:)


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3 Responses to Another Hilarious Day in the Office…

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    i tried to hate on justin bieber but last year my summer camp kids had us listening to his cd. it is straight catchy. haha. i also have baby on my ipod. : )

  2. Pat says:

    So I don’t know how to sign off of my mom’s e-mail and stuff, but I am impressed that you have Justin Bieber on your iPod :) You can’t make fun of me for being a teeny-bopper when you still have it inside of you too, sis! ;) Hehe, I love you a lot and miss you! COME OVER SOON! :)


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