Speaking of April Last Year…

That was the last time I had a haircut.

No lie.

Not necessarily intentionally.

But now it’s just more crazy that it’s been almost a year since my last haircut.


Anyways, here’s a quick life/ hair recap of the last year:)

Post haircut – Hawaii

ooh, seeing my hair short kind of makes me want to go back

or maybe just go back to Hawaii:)

With flowers in my hair…

Okay! This is getting ridiculous – we must move on!!

At Curry’s baby shower in June

Lakehouse fun in June!

Cooking in July

Saying goodbye to Emily in August

Fall Lakehouse Adventure in October

Vacations make the world go round, baby

Meeting my sweet blog friend in person in November

Putting up the tree in December

Going out on a date in January

Meeting Pioneer Woman in February

This is the last picture of me… the rest of the pictures I’ve taken in March and April have all been cupcakes:) But no worries – there will be some fun updated pictures to come!!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to Speaking of April Last Year…

  1. Curry Winters says:

    i love how much a part of your life I am and you in mine! Let’s go get hair cuts together I need one too:)

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