My 6 Priorities – #1

In an earlier post I wrote about focusing in on my top priorities. This is also part of #1 of my 26 goals:)

My main priorities and what they mean to me:


  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Exercise 3-5 x a week for 45-90 minutes.
  • Limit caffeine and sweets.
  • REST/ Take a weekly Sabbath.


  • Spend time with the Lord every morning.
  • Memorize Scripture.
  • Learn how to study the bible and do so regularly.
  • Pray often – for myself and others.
  • Be a part of the Body through church gatherings and community group.
  • Invest in friends who draw me near the cross.


  • Pray for him regularly and encourage him in the Lord.
  • Make space for him to decompress.
  • Be available for him.
  • Plan dates/ time together.
  • Put his needs first.
  • Be a student of him and love him the way he best receives it.


  • Love my family well
  • Prioritize spending time with people who hold me accountable and love me well.
  • Invest in the two girls I disciple and love them well.
  • Make strides to better triad and continue to make it a place where sin is killed and God is glorified.
  • Pray for my family/ friends regularly
  • Spend time deeply loving non-Christians and being bold with them, sharing with them the hope of the gospel.
  • Stop being such a jerk (I’m being serious… trying to get over myself and loving people even when it’s hard – – like making food for new parents.)


  • Work efficiently.
  • Work hard and stay motivated.
  • Find my identity in Jesus.
  • Joyfully support, help and empower families.
  • Don’t over commit. Say no when I need to.
  • Do everything I do with excellence.
  • Pray for my clients and my coworkers.


  • Clean often.
  • Create a warm, welcoming environment.
  • Cook tasty, healthy meals.
  • Bake for fun and to give baked goods to others often.
  • Have food on hand to give others – when they stop in and to deliver.
  • Aim for having people over at least 1x month for dinner or dessert and to deliver goodies or dinners to others 1x month.

It is so clarifying and so exciting to pass the items in my life through this lens. I do not want to become legalistic about these or think if I follow these “rules” THEN God will accept me. The beauty of the gospel is that God has ALREADY accepted me – so because I love Jesus I want my life to reveal that! I am currently working hard for these priorities and goals to honor King Jesus above all else!

What are some goals you have recently set for yourself?


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to My 6 Priorities – #1

  1. don’t know anyone who makes a list better than you :) how are the other 26 going??

    • jackielopina says:

      Haha best comment ever! I don’t know if I’m the best list MAKER, I’m just a huge list LOVER :) other 25… Good question:) I recently realized I better get cracking! Although I am planning on wearing make up every day this week so that’s a start…

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