New Traditions

The past year or two my family has developed a new Easter tradition! We used to spend time with my Dad’s mom, but she passed a few years ago. Since then, there was a holiday opening and Bryan and I decided it would be awesome to have my family join us for church and then for a delicious lunch/ dinner at our house!

Last year I posted about the meal and decorations. I had a blast meal planning and decorating the table. I actually colored a ton of eggs for a pretty great looking centerpiece, if you ask me:)

However, this year I’ve been a little bit busier:) I’ve only been in town like a couple days in the past 2 weeks! I got to spend a week in Minneapolis, staying with my friend Emily, spending some time with my sweet blog friend Andrea and going to a weeklong training to be a lactation counselor. THEN I flew back on Saturday and Monday afternoon we left with the Jamisons to come down to the lake house! It’s been so, so good and a really nice change of pace. However, I haven’t gotten to do as much Easter meal planning as I usually would!

But after some time plotting yesterday here’s what I got:)

Cheese and crackers courtesy of my parents
Deviled eggs courtesy of my sister in law and brother
Pineapple Punch from

Honey Baked Ham from the Honey baked Ham store:)
Gratin Dauphinois (basically au gratin potatoes!) from my France recipe book that my husband bought me when he was in Paris last year- this is actually the first thing I’m making out of it and am excited to use it more!
Salad courtesy of my sister in law
Rosemary Rolls from the Pioneer Woman
Honey Bourbon Carrots from

Lemon Drenched Lemon Pound Cake from Joy the Baker

I shall share some of these goodies with you all later- never fear:) Hope you all have a blast planning, cooking and eating your holiday meals! Enjoy your time with family and even more than that I pray you will see Christ crucified on the cross and risen from the dead this Easter and worship Him fully!


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2 Responses to New Traditions

  1. Kate Titus says:

    we’ll be over right after church.

    okay, kidding. sounds amazing though; hope you have a blessed time with your family!

  2. Great post thanks for sharing. Family and friends are what truly makes life worth living. Even as we get older we find out how much we truly need one another.

    For more information check out these Family Activities

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