New favorite read!

Have you guys read this book?

Practical Theology for Women:

How Knowing God Makes a Difference in our Daily Lives

by Wendy Alsup

It’s a great read. Sometimes knowing and valuing theology is seen as a “guy” thing. But all theology is is knowing who God is! We all have theology. The question of whether it is highly developed or just based on what we think. Anyway, this book is tailored to women. It discusses the importance of true theology and also talks about who our God is!

AND, I randomly stumbled across her blog! What?!?

This woman has been through multiple trials in her life including singleness and infertility, among others. She discusses trials and suffering in the beautiful lens of the gospel. She is VERY wise and I have been blessed as I have read through her posts. It has been fantastic for me, especially to be reminded of the trial of singleness. Anyway, I recommend you take a look. (Side note – the layout is a little difficult and her posts can be very lengthy, but it’s worth it!)

Just my recommendation of the week:)


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One Response to New favorite read!

  1. em says:

    i read that book when i lived at mike & curry’s… i think she was borrowing steph’s copy :)
    i loved it too! very simple and very helpful. plus, cute cover.

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