Shots from Minnesota!

I went to Minnesota a couple weeks ago! I actually went for a work training. I had an all week training to be a certified lactation consultant. I learned A LOT and took the 100 question scantron test (wha?!?) on Friday, so should be hearing in 6-8 weeks.

While I was there I got to stay with our friends the Wellers!! Dan and Bryan actually were both in Chicago at The Gospel Coalition conference for a few days so they actually saw each other while Emily and I did too! Fun. I also got to hang out TWICE with my sweet blog friend Andrea:) We got ice cream one night and just got to hang out and it was so, so good. Then the next night she cooked me and Emily dinner and all three of us got to hang out! Andrea it was SO fun to see you! Come visit me next!! Just joking:)

It was a busy week, but a fun one! And I did a BAD job taking pictures. Sorry people! But here are a few I did get:)

Em made PW’s Cinnamon Scones. So, so delicious.

And some yummy HOMEMADE bread! (Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day – impressive!)

Dan and Emily enjoying DELICIOUS pastries on the last day that we got from “A Baker’s Wife’s Pastry Shop.” YUM!

Okay so the real truth is, I only took pictures of food. My bad.

Look! An ad on a bus for Help Me Grow!

Emily’s friend the bunny

My bedroom for the week

Em striking a pose

It snowed one day! Silly!

Me and Emily as my trip wraps up

Traveling home. I was SO impressed at myself that I was able to pack for a whole week in a carry on!! I was nervous about flying alone. (This is what I got a husband for – so I don’t have to be responsible with that stuff!) But it went off without a hitch and I felt empowered! Whoo!

So I had to take a picture of my cool carrying-on self (okay, not really cool, lets be clear. I think my backpack is a Jansport from like 6th grade).

And the REAL traveling heros. The Ipad and my Nalg. The IPad truly won the spirit award for the week. It kept me entertained while waiting for my flight, it let me listen to music, read the bible and write blog posts on the plane, it gave me directions in my hour trek (each way!) to my training… and re-routed me when I couldn’t get off the exit or got lost in the city. Yay Ipad!


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