Preparation Nazi

So I’ve found that preparation makes my world go ’round. Especially for vacations or trips I am a self designated “Preparation Nazi.”

It all started as a younger gal, who became a world-class bag packer. I am a list maker and would check the weather and makes lists what I would wear. I usually didn’t forget much and I tried really hard not to over-pack! My ability was actually called upon with one of my college housemates (who hilariously enough was always prepared) but would pack 2 hours before we needed to leave and would bring everything except the kitchen sink:) I remember once we were getting ready to leave for a Young Life Fall Weekend (3 days, 2 nights) and my friend set 4 sweatshirts aside. Opposites attract right?!?

Speaking of opposites, my husband is the EXACT opposite (in many things!) but especially packing. Brother would pack 15 minutes before leaving – seriously. However, it drives me so crazy that I usually just pack for him! I love packing and he doesn’t – it’s a win, win!

In the past few years, I’ve noticed I start packing for a trip early because I get SO excited!!! I write out a very detailed packing list and set out clothes on our guest bed. I was completely packed for my honeymoon a month before we were married. But the preparing is part of the fun for me! It’s exciting to imagine wearing a fun dress while on the beach or getting to rock a cute top out to a fancy dinner.

My preparedness has taken some steroids as I’ve gotten older. I LOVE to have certain snacks and treats so I’ll try to make and pack a good mix- healthy snacks, breakfast, granola bars, cookies, etc. Going down to the lake house has given me plenty of chances to work on this skill. Usually I completely plan meals before hand, so I can grocery shop here and we have everything we need (including cookies… Cookies is always a need.)

Some people may be reading this and say- so what’s the big deal? My whole life is like that and it’s easy.

I commend you my friend. There is a part of preparing and packing that I love, but it does not happen naturally and easily. I do it because it makes our trips run smoother and more stress free. I have to prepare ahead of time because I’m way too flaky to have it together. If I try to pack all at once. I would forget something completely obvious. I can serve my husband in creative ways and I do a wife fist pump when my husband asks if I brought something random and I can say YES!

This was not always the case. Trip after trip we would forget important things or just have the bare basics. I realized to kick my butt in gear.

However, even though it can be super fun, sometimes the importance I place on preparing ahead of time can be stressful. I hate how there is usually a thin line between valuing something and getting out of sorts about it.

Like most things in life, our heart is the most important thing. And so when I get stressed I need to step back and evaluate things. Am I packing and organizing ahead of time to serve my husband and help us have a great time? Or do I feel like these are things that NEED to happen and am trying to take control over what may or may not happen?

But once I deal with the heart, I am good to go. (Have I mentioned I LOVE packing?!?) This week I’m actually going over to help a friend pack (read- not throwing everything she owns into a suitcase at the last minute) for a 5 day trip to Yellowstone and she requested I blog about some tips! So come back tomorrow where I will post my packing tips that can hopefully be helpful as vacation season beings!


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2 Responses to Preparation Nazi

  1. Kristin says:

    YES! YES! YES! Love this post. I am excited to benefit from your expertise! Especially on how to not overpack with crazy weather conditions. :)

  2. Molly says:

    I don’t know what kind of a fool would ever pack 4 sweatshirts for a Fall Weekend… you can’t blame a girl for wanting to have choices!!! Good thing I had you to speak some wisdom and call me out on my ridiculousness!

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