Mother’s Day For The Rest Of Us

Today can be a hard day for many of us. As the world joyfully celebrates and thanks mothers, it can be difficult for those of us who deeply long to be mothers but cannot, have lost children by any means or who have lost our own mothers as well. There have been a few people that have written beautiful and wise posts this week that have encouraged me and reminded me of the great God we serve. I wanted to link them here!

Here’s my post from last year:
Reasons I’m Thankful For Infertility (Another year later I’m posting this more for myself to remember God’s goodness than anything else!)

My recent favorite is by my sweet blog friend Andrea who wrote a beautiful post for infertility awareness week. It’s so good… I don’t think I can read it without crying.

Myth: God Cannot Be Loving if I Cannot Conceive

I am so thankful for the body of Christ that really does rejoice with us when we rejoice and weeps with us when we weep. I was so encouraged this morning at The Oaks by the reality of the joy and sorrow that this day can bring. We read this prayer I wanted to share:

Lord, Creator and Giver of every good gift, we recall your creation isn’t as it should be. Sin has broken what was good and inflicted pain. On this day, we lift up to you the hearts that ache for healing in their family; who long to be mothers, but mourn the absence of new life within them; who have conceived, but suffered loss through miscarriage or abortion; who have given birth, but endured the tragedy of burying a child. Their grief is often hidden from us or neglected on this day of celebration of motherhood. We pray that they may experience healing in this church family. How long, O Lord, must death get its way at the outset of new life? How long must joy be deferred or interrupted by such cruel sorrow? Risen Lord of life, grant them comfort and peace, breathe in us all the breath of new life. Through Jesus Christ, who defeated death, AMEN!


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One Response to Mother’s Day For The Rest Of Us

  1. mckenzie says:

    Thank you for this today. Love you Friend :)

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