Freezer Meals

In the past month or so I have made a few make ahead meals to keep in my lovely freezer!!

I spent a weekend making FOUR lasagnas! (Big shout out to Curry who told me to get the no-boil noodles!)

I made one of these for us, but wanted the other three to give to others. Often if there is a food sign up to make meals for new moms or families during sickness I sign up on a really busy day and it becomes stressful and inconvenient.

NOT what I am trying to do when I’m serving others. So I decided to take some time a few weekends ago and make a few lasagnas! I kind of used my usual recipe, except I used ground beef and some italian sausage as well:)

One day I browned a heck ton of ground beef and sausage. This took surprisingly long (I think I had 5 pounds of ground beef). I then portioned them out in different Pyrex containers.

The next day I was ready to put the lasagnas together. I got a bunch of noodles,

a giant can of tomato sauce

a few bags of cheese and went to work in these awesome disposable pans!! I am completely SOLD on disposable pans like these – at least for delivering food. Delivering food in a Pyrex or some other container is kind of a pain for everyone involved. The person getting food has to wash it and coordinate to get it back to you (along with all of the other dishes they received) in a reasonable manner and YOU are without that dish for weeks or maybe even months! You gotta do what you gotta do, but I am just loving the ease of this:)

Layer them up

Go ahead and bake them.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your oven. Mine could only fit 2 at a time so I had to bake 2 rounds of lasagnas.

Let them cool then be sure to package them up real good so they don’t get freezer burned. Then write with permanent marker what it is and the directions for reheating.

Pop it in your freezer until you make it yourself or deliver it to someone for a yummy meal!


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