A Long Awaited Trip to Goodwill

I absolutely LOVE purging my closet and my home. I don’t do it regularly, but when I get motivated, I go to town. When I was younger I was a complete accidental hoarder so I think I’m still over compensating:) In college my parents literally MADE ME go through all of my stuff at home and give away a ton. It was hard but it was SO freeing!!

So now at least a couple times a year (usually when I change clothes from winter to summer or vice versa), I go through all of our clothes and we give some away. I know that it can be SO hard to cut the cord. We tell ourselves things like:
1. “I might need that size again” and keep clothes that are too big or too little
2. “I was wearing this during…(enter random sentimental event) and can’t give it away!”
3. “I totally forgot I had this but now that I remember I will totally wear it!!”
4. “This will probably come back into style.”
5. “I don’t have money to buy new clothes so I need to make sure to keep absolutely everything I own.”

Here’s my basic rule of thumb:
If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away – no questions asked.

I usually try to give clothing items away if I hadn’t worn them since the last clothing change over (i.e. if I brought a sweater out in September and was putting winter clothes away in April and hadn’t worn it– to the giveaway pile!!)

(Sidenote- I would keep maternity clothes if you’re planning on having more children or know friends who could use them)

Here are some other random guidelines to help you purge and merge:
1. If your weight fluctuates it’s okay to keep a couple pairs of jeans that are too big or too small. Do not keep more than 1 size difference unless you’re planning on losing a heck ton of weight (and think you actually will)
2. Don’t keep clothes for sentimental reasons (other than maybe your wedding dress). Hopefully you took a picture of the event and even if you didn’t – go ahead and take a picture of that clothing item!! You can still cherish the memory without cluttering up your closet:)
3. If you’re not a fan of the style or cut, don’t keep it just because you “should” or it was expensive and you didn’t wear it enough. If you didn’t wear it in the past year, you probably aren’t going to wear it in the next.
4. If clothes are irreversibly stained or have holes in them, toss them!!
5. Streamline your closet enough so that you know and will wear everything that is in there.
6. Only keep items out that you will wear that season. There are only a few things I keep out year round- tank tops (for undershirts), short sleeve tees, polos, some of my cardigans, khakis and jeans.
7. Go through shoes and socks too!! One year rule still applies- don’t keep shoes that are out of style, don’t fit, you don’t like or are broken for more than 6 months. (If you are determined to keep a broken shoe– go get it fixed TODAY!)

So friends, I urge you to go through your closets if you haven’t in a while! PURGE and get rid of stuff that is junking up your space. Take those to Goodwill or another agency where those clothes will really help people! Once you have given away clothing, organize those closets and drawers in whatever way is best for you! Streamline! Try to make some system that works for you, is easy to get the clothes you wear most often and is easy to maintain.

And… Don’t be like me. Once I get bags for Goodwill, they sit in my closets for months. This is NOT effective and does not simplify your life:) If you are like me, go ahead and drop those off ASAP! This was one load. Ridiculous.

I literally cheered when I finally dropped all of these off:)


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6 Responses to A Long Awaited Trip to Goodwill

  1. Meg says:

    Lots of great tips! I’m pretty faithful about cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothing I no longer want/need, but I am guilty of hanging onto things for sentimental reasons. Taking a photo of the item is a good idea — I did that with lots of dresses and things I wore in high school! So I still have the picture, but not the too-small dress taking up much-needed space in my closet. :)

  2. em says:

    Noel Piper wrote a great series about de-cluttering — your post reminds me of this one :)

  3. Michelle says:

    Good timing….I just cleaned A TON of stuff out of my closet and as I was putting it all in bags, I started second guessing and wanting to keep things! Thank you for reminding me that I do not need these things.

    Also…I knew a Goodwill pile would sit in my basement for weeks so I scheduled to have it all picked up off my front porch by Vietnam Veterans of America. http://www.pickupsforvets.org So convenient!

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