#18 – Makeup

I apologize that I haven’t blogged much about how my 26 for 26 List is going. Hopefully in the near future I will get to update you on a few different goals!

Number 18 – Wear make-up most days.

I have been wearing make-up more!! Success!!! In the past couple months I am usually wearing it a few times a week… which is a HUGE improvement from my 25 year old self where I literally only wore it to weddings and fancy occasions. (What am I, 6?)

I actually wore makeup every day to my lactation training in Minnesota as kind of a trial-run-can-I-really-do-this type thing. I realized it helped IMMENSELY to have “go-to.” items.

So, going with my recent life theme of spring cleaning/ streamlining/ organizing/ simplifying, I did just that with my makeup bag.

Surprisingly, I have a lot of makeup…. Including stuff that is WAY too old, that I don’t wear and I don’t like. So I:

  • Threw away old, outdated makeup
  • Made four different piles: makeup I could wear every day, makeup I would wear sometimes, makeup I would rarely wear and makeup I would never wear.
  • “Never” obviously went to other people/ the trash
  • “Rarely” went to a basket upstairs underneath the sink
  • “Sometimes” went in a bigger bag
  • “Everyday” went in a small go-to bag

Here are my little make up bags:)

Brushes/ Random

“Sometimes” big bag

“Everyday” small bag

Will it work? We shall see:)


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