Florida Vacation

Bryan and I flew to Orlando, Florida last Thursday. Bryan’s fam was arriving Friday afternoon so we had a day and a half to hang out by ourselves. For some reason, I have fairly random pictures of our adventures- – I apologize:)

Here’s my hubby (working on growing a beard!) as we arrived!

We went to a fun restaurant for lunch called Tijuana Flats – a taco place where they have a hot sauce bar! Fun! Then we drove around and explored.

 We went to Downtown Disney and walked around for a bit. We were so excited for our first view of Disney fun!

We also went to a little town called Celebration. We got DELICIOUS ice cream there – -I knew vacation had arrived when I had a scoop of peanut butter chocolate and a scoop of chocolate covered toasted coconut. YUM!

We also had a strange lobster vehicle sighting.

We got a preview sighting of our awesome looking resort.

Then, because it was CRAZY HOT, we went back to the hotel and took a nice nap. We showered and got ready then went out to Cityfish Restaurant for a late dinner! It was SO great to hang out and spend the day together. PS – we asked the waiter for breakfast recommendations and he told us 3… one of which was open 24 hours…and all the servers are drag queens… true story.

Just in case you were wondering, we didn’t go there:) Friday, we slept in and then Bryan/urbanspoon led us to a fun French bakery!! We got crepes and croissants – FABULOUS! Then we went and checked in to our place, went grocery shopping and prepared for the rest of the Lopina crew to arrive. The fun is just beginning!!


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5 Responses to Florida Vacation

  1. steph says:

    glad you explained the growing beard. I totally thought he was rocking a mustache in the first pic. a beard isn’t ideal for 90+ weather, but it’s perfect for Kabe! haha

  2. em says:

    funny that you went to celebration! i went there all the time in high school. we thought it was kind of a creepy perfect town though…

    • jackielopina says:

      That’s the goal! Did you know that? Well the perfect, not the creepy part. Walt Disney created it to be based on his idea for “Epcot” (aka- experimental prototype community of tomorrow)… Says Wikipedia. Super cute but totally creepy… Reminds me a little of The Truman Show or that one movie where everyone starts in black and white and then they turn into color

  3. em says:

    actually one time we were driving there we went through a horrible rainstorm, and literally right as we pulled under the celebration arches, it stopped. creepy, no?

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