A Magical Evening

We went back to Magic Kingdom on Saturday night!

The weather was a little stormy (hence the crazy colored sky) but we still had a blast!

When we got there, Hannah and I were going to ride Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, but then the lightning made us run for cover:)

I kind of forget what we did next… how does that happen already?!? It has only been like a week and a half. Anyone want to remind me?!?

 Anyway, a bit later….

Hannah and Kim met some princesses!

Sleeping Beauty


and Cinderella!

Hannah was serious about getting those signatures

Some of the fam went to meet Mickey and Minnie while we briskly walked to do Space Mountain again!! We got distracted by the BEAUTIFUL fireworks – – by the time we got to Space Mountain (an hour before the park closed), it seemed we weren’t the only one. It was an hour long line:(

Wah, wah wah…

We went and got a treat and perched out a front row seat for the parade!

Love it!

Who wouldn’t? Fireworks and lights and characters, oh my!

Our day and evening at Magic Kingdom was hot, exhausting, and SO MUCH FUN!!!! If you’re reading this – – do yourself a favor and PLEASE go to Disney!!!

(PS – Happy birthday Mama!!!)


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