Hollywood Studios!

Disney 2011 – Day 2:)

Hollywood Studios!

My niece, Hannah and nephew, Dean on the drive there early in the mornin’. Getting there close to when the park opens is the way to do it! For this trip, most of us took the car and a couple folks took the shuttle each way. Besides the $14 parking driving is so much better!


Once we got there we did the 2 big rides – – with almost no wait! WOO HOO! Aerosmith’s rock and roll coaster and Tower of Terror! I LOVE both of these – roller coasters and intense rides are so exhilerating!

Here are Christy and Kim – my sisters-in-law waiting for the Tower of Terror. Christy, Kim, Robert, Bryan and myself were the ones who braved the Hollywood Hotel….mwah hahaha ha…

THEN we went to a Beauty and the Beast musical show!

It was basically a plot summary with lots of songs in 30 minutes.

It was outside so it was VERY hot, but a great (and sweaty) show!

One of the COOLEST things we did is go to a Extreme Stunt Show called Lights, Motors, Action! They showed us how films do car chases. It was AMAZING. When you see the movies, you forget there are actual people in those cars!! They had a few tricks up their sleeves too (they had a car drive these incredible stunts BACKWARDS – including 360s and jumping a ramp too! How did they do it? The driver was looking out the BACK – so for him it was frontwards! Fun!)

Here are a couple little videos I took that you can check out for yourself. Please excuse my shoddy camerawork and my sister-in-law and I freaking out:)

The fam split up some in the afternoon, walking all around the park.

Bryan and I did the Great Movie Ride (pretty good), Studio Backlot Tour (okay), Prince Caspian (worst thing ever – basically 5 minutes of movie clips), and Star Tours! That was really fun!!! We took a ridiculous picture in our 3D glasses:)

We went to the little 50s diner and had some appetizers to COOL OFF in the AC before taking the shuttle home.

We came back to the hotel – ate dinner, showered up and changed (did I mention it was crazy hot?!?) and went back for the night. We heard good things about the Toy Story ride and Hannah was a little sad she didn’t get to do any rides that day. UNFORTUNATELY they were all out of fast passes (best invention ever) at about noon. So… we waited… for a long, long, long time. I don’t even remember how long it was anymore. Why don’t I have pictures from the wait? Not sure. Maybe because all of the adults were getting cranky:)

Anyway, the ride was fun and we learned a valuable lesson – ALWAYS USE FAST PASSES!

After that, we went to the Fantasmic show that night – which included lasers, lights, dancing fountains, projection images of different characters and ended with a parade of a bunch of characters! It was a super fun way to end our day at Hollywood Studios!


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One Response to Hollywood Studios!

  1. Christy Connell says:

    haha all my pics from the wait are at the beginning and we’re happy…I think we werent very photogenic after more than 30 minutes waiting. :)

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