Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Otherwise known as…Epcot!

Please note, this was our THIRD day IN A ROW at the parks… so we are exhausted… and have blistered feet… and have washed and worn all of our clothes more than once.

But we are still having fun!!! My sister in law Kim and I

Bryan and his brother Robert

The (blonde) folks

Me and my hubby

Just being silly:)

My sister in law Christy is in LOVE with France:) Can’t you see the excitement overflowing as she sees Epcot’s mini version?!?

How about now?!? OW OW!!

We all enjoyed a carbo-loaded fantastic lunch at a patisserie. My brother in law Matt and I said we wanted to just go to all of the different places and get some cuisine… but then we were full after France. Bummer. Although Bryan and I did get some pretzels from Germany.

We were going to go in a restaurant but it reeked of saurkraut even before we stepped in! BLECH! After our bellies were full, the young’uns went to go ride Mission: Space.

There were 2 different rides- one more intense and one less intense. Due to peer pressure (at least for Matt!) we went on the MORE INTENSE one! WHOO!!! I was stoked. However, while we were standing in line they warned us ABOUT 72 TIMES that this ride has spinning, intense pressure and to avoid if you get motion sick. When we walked on the ride there were even BARF BAGS!! What?!? We were a little nervous!

But it was fun!! It was DEFINITELY my favorite ride we did at Epcot. The coolest part of Epcot is definitely the world… their rides left a little to be desired:)

Walt Disney World! I love you! Lord willing, we will be back!


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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