Family fun!

Our last day of vacation we went putt putting! It’s totally a family favorite.

The course was Fantasia inspired and was so fun! (There was another course that the boys did later. It was literally a small golf course. It took them like 3 hours and they said it was the best putt putt course they’ve ever seen!)

As we were leaving Hannah said she wanted to take the map just in case we decided to go to a park again:)

Sorry to disappoint Hannie!

Me and Bryan

Hannah and Kim

Bryan reading “The Pastoral Symphony”

Inside the mouth of an alligator


Bryan taking a shot


Mickey and the buckets that poured water!

Robert killed it and almost got the best score of the day!!!

That afternoon, the boys went back to play more putt putt while the gals went to the pool. We had a yummy dinner of Giordano’s pizza and a fun last night of vacation. Family – we love you!! We had such a GREAT TIME with all of you!!


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