#2 – Planting Herbs

Number 2 – “Grow some herbs – even if they’re just in a little pot!”

So I went to Lowe’s a while back on a quest to improve my house. They had a bunch of gardening stuff (duh) and I decided to take the plunge and try to plant some herbs in a pot!!

Here are my seed starters.

It took me a couple weeks to plant them after I bought them. But in the meantime I planted 2 starters I got from my advent basket.

They began growing immediately!! I was so excited and felt empowered to grow my herbs!

However in the meantime one plant died and one that was supposed to flower just kept growing leaves and the leaves kept breaking because they were so big. So a little bit of a fail there, but I had already planted by herbs so it’s too late.

My little guys recently started to sprout!! They were looking pretty good one day… then all the dirt and plants were all messed up! BOO! It looked like a little animal wanted to get my herbs too:(

The moral of the story is… I might get a few basil leaves out of it. However, it won’t be a killer garden like some of you other green thumbs have!! I guess I’ll just have to cook with everyone else’s homegrown veggies and herbs again this year!

However, my goal was just to plant some herbs. Even though they were in a wussy little pot I still did it! Gotta start somewhere right?!?


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2 Responses to #2 – Planting Herbs

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    proud of you for trying! next year, I will let you know when I start mine, and you can try again a little earlier! After a while i think they just need some room. : )

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