#4 – Basement Organization

Number 4 – Organize my storage in my basement – keep seasonal decorations together, with labels, pictures of my mantles etc. Create a pantry there too and do more bulk/ costco shopping to keep that new freezer stocked!

In case you don’t remember… last year my basement was a HOT MESS. It started driving me a little batty:) So I asked for some storage containers for Christmas and (after sitting there for a few months) we finally got to work organizing! It has been SO great having my decorations labeled and (finally!) knowing where things are down there!

Woo WOO! Here are all my FABULOUS containers

Labeled of course.

A few Christmas containers

and containers full of decorations for every other season:)

Including pictures of how I did my decorations the year before!! (So I wouldn’t forget)


Seriously – those pictures are great because I really do forget every year:)

Here is the pantry that keeps the Costco bulk goods

Full of cake mixes, way too much canned pumpkin and 72 ounce bags of chocolate chips

Different flours, powdered sugar, peanut butter and more

AND a 25 lb bag of flour. I am STOKED Costco had this in 25 lbs. My 50 pound bag I got last time was a little too ridiculous:)

Basement looking much, much cleaner!


We’ve still got some work to do

but I am LOVING this organization here!!!

(Psst – check out how I’m doing on my 26 goals here! Which one should I work on/ blog about next?)


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