A Different Kind of Date

And just in case you thought our dates were always fancy….

A few weeks ago Bryan and I were trying to figure out something we could do that

1) Didn’t involve eating

2) Was indoors (It was like 99 degrees!!!) and

3) Wasn’t too expensive.

Any ideas? It’s really hard to come up with things!

My husband thought of this place called The Web, which is an arcade type place – with putt-putt, mini bowling, go carts and a bunch of arcade games. Bryan said “It could be totally lame, but it might be fun!” I thought it sounded fun so I said let’s go for it! What’s the worst that could happen?

It would be over run by middle school kids.

Which we were fully expecting:)

But we had A BLAST!!!

We drove go carts

Played a racing game!

I put my game face on

We played Time Crisis 3 (which is apparently well known?)

Anyways… I kind of like shoot em up games… shhhh:)

He won every time. But no worries – I kicked his butt in air hockey!!

We played skee ball and GIANT Fruit Ninja! HA!!

Unfortunately it wasn’t as awesome as we thought. There was a little delay so we didn’t do that great:( But we just couldn’t pass it up!

We played a bunch of the little token games… Bryan won 300 tickets in one game!

What the heck right?

We played 2 rounds of putt putt, mini bowling and a bunch of other things. We had such a FUN, goofy date!! It was a blast to be silly, competitive and play games all night:)

AND we won prizes! HAHA!

Monkeys in a Barrel and stress balls… and 2 things of Fun-Dip!

Fabulous! If you want to have a fun little night of bringing out the kid in yourself, check it out!


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