A New CLC!

Number 17 – Become a certified lactation counselor


Back in April my work sent me off the Minnesota for a 40 hour lactation training. It was GREAT and I learned so much! We had daily homework, had to watch a few videos of feedings and fill out assessments on each one and we had an exam the last day. I was a little nervous I didn’t pass the assessments but I found out a couple months ago I passed!!

Once I got back, I realized even though I am certified there is still SO much I have to learn! The body is an amazing thing and breastfeeding has so many amazing benefits for mom, baby and society! I will get off my soapbox now:) Learning (even more) how incredible breastfeeding is has been a little bittersweet, considering there’s a very large chance I may never get to partake of this miracle.

But if you’ve chosen to breastfeed – good for you!! And know it is often VERY difficult to learn, but once you and your baby get the hang of it, it can be easier than bottle feeding! Good luck! And if you have any questions – let me know. I’ll do my best to answer them!

Love, Jackie, CLC:)


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3 Responses to A New CLC!

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    you are awesome. your amount of training/ knowledge for your job blows my mind. way to go girl!

  2. Kate Titus says:

    I agree with Kristin. :) Hoping baby #2 is a better eater; I didn’t really feel comfortable breastfeeding with Eva until she was about 9 months old. Glad we stuck with it though. If I have trouble again I may need your advice. :)

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