Recipe for a Fabulous Monday Morning

So let’s be honest, we all realize Mondays can be rough. Right?

This weekend I went to (my first!!) farmer’s market with Carlie and Curry, worked out for the first time in months, went out to dinner with my parents and baked White Russian Cupcakes. What did you do?

After a weekend of fun or relaxation or organization, getting back to the grind can be a challenge! But no worries, Monday scoffers- I have the perfect remedy.


Iced Coffee with Vanilla Simple Syrup and Whole Wheat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.


Thanks to the fabulous Pioneer Woman, I learned the beauty of cold brewing coffee. Thanks to Annie’s Eats, I recently made a simple syrup that provides the PERFECT amount of sweetness, without that grainy texture.

Do yourself a favor and make some for yourself:)

Iced Coffee

originally from Pioneer Woman; directions adapted from Imbibe Magazine


  • 1/2 pound Ground Coffee (good, Rich Roast)
  • 4 quarts Cold Water
  • Half-and-half or milk


  1. In a very large container, mix ground coffee with water. Stir with a wooden spoon a few times.
  2. Cover and allow to sit at room temperature (or in the fridge) 8 hours or overnight.
  3. Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth or multiple paper towels. Set over a large bowl. Pour coffee/ water through the paper towels and strainer allowing all liquid to run through. You may need to use a spoon to push out some of the liquid from the ground. Throw away ground.
  4. Place coffee liquid in the fridge and allow to cool if it wasn’t already. Use as desired.
  5. To make iced coffee, pack a glass full of ice cubes. (Feel free to make COFFEE iced cubes if you don’t want your iced coffee to get diluted!) Fill glass with coffee and add milk and simple syrup to taste!

Vanilla Simple Syrup


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise (optional)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan.
  2. If using the vanilla bean, scrape out seeds using a small spoon and put both seeds and pod in saucepan.
  3. Heat the sugar mixture over medium high heat, stirring every so often until the sugar has dissolved.
  4. Turn down heat to medium low and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Take off heat and add in additional vanilla if desired.
  6. Let cool and store covered in the refrigerator. Add into iced coffee to taste:)

And hey! Come back tomorrow for the muffin recipe!


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4 Responses to Recipe for a Fabulous Monday Morning

  1. brittany says:

    As I drank my dull plain coffee on my way in to work this morning I thought to myself there must be a way to get the deliciousness of syrups in coffee without the not so goodness of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners in the store bought ones…. simple syrup… it’s so simple! thanks for this, I might try to make a peppermint one :) have a happy monday!

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