Scarf Saturday!!

So as I shared, I’m working on a goal of wearing a scarf every day this month! I love scarves and, to be honest, they’re kind of hip. Now please note I didn’t say I’M hip… because I can’t lie straight to your faces. But scarves are hip, people. And you can pull then off! I usually buy mine at Target and a few weeks ago they had summer ones on sale for $3.99! Awesome!

Anyways, over the next few weeks I will share some different ways to wear scarves. I’m really, really hoping you will find a few that suit your fancy and make that scarf work for you!! Also, I’m sure there are really particular names for each of these styles, but I don’t know them. So I will label them just for clarity, but know that most of these names I just made up:)

Oh yeah! And my husband graciously agreed to help me to take step by step pictures for a proper How-To:) Try it out and rock it out sister!!

Here are the two basic ties:

Loop and Pull

1 – Take your scarf in one hand, grabbing it at the middle

2 – While one hand is still holding the scarf at the middle, use your other hand to grab both ends

 3 – Bring both hands (holding both ends of the scarf) behind your neck

 4 -Bring the ends through the loop in front of your neck

 5 -Pull through

 6 – And straighten!

Around the Neck

1 – Hold your scarf with one end in each hand

 2 – Put it behind your head, holding one side in front of your shoulder

3 -Bring the other end across the front of your neck

4 – And on behind your head

5 -Bringing it fully to the front

6 – Straighten it up as you’d like!

Most of the different ways to tie scarves are based on these two. Honestly, you can alter most things of either of these ties and it can have a cool look. Get these two down! You may be shocked at how just adding or changing one simple thing can change the look entirely. And I know pictures can be confusing so if you have any questions… just ask!!


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6 Responses to Scarf Saturday!!

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Never attempted wearing a scarf for fashion’s sake (wrapped around my face while snowblowing 21 apartments, yes). I don’t think I’m hip enough. ;) I have been curious as to how to do the first style here though, so thanks.

  2. Dannie says:

    Isn’t it still too hot to wear scarves?! Well, maybe just this weekend… but either way, I support this because scarves can make the “unhip” a little more stylish…

    PS. Kate, you can definitely pull off a scarf!

  3. I need to go by Target soon then! As soon as the temperature drops, I wear a scarf every day- with short hair, it makes a huge different in how warm I feel! This is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf, which I adopted after seeing this post last year. Erik and I had to sit down together and watch the video a couple of times to get it, but it’s surprisingly easy once you figure it out.

  4. Kristin A says:

    I’m obsessed with this. Love those scarves and Mrs. Jackie!

  5. Curry Winters says:

    I was most impressed with Bryan taking step by step pictures for you…yeah for teamwork blogging:)

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