Scarf September Level II

So did you get the Loop and Pull and Around the Neck down? I hope so. Because if so – here are a handful of ties that use that basic technique. They will hopefully now be easy to learn!

Fancy Loop and Pull

Get your scarf

Fold your scarf in half and hold the middle with one hand.

Bring it behind your neck.

Take one end and pull it through the loop.

Twist the loop.

Take the other end

and pull it through the twisted loop.

Straighten (mine was way uneven in this picture – sorry!!)

All done:)

French Twist

Do the Around the Neck – bring the straight scarf behind your neck

Bring behind your neck and cross in back (OR start on one side and wrap around your neck – whatever is easiest for you!)

Bring the two ends to the front for Around the Neck

Straighten and grab one end in each hand

Tie ends together


Straighten how you’d like it to look

(French Twist B)

An alternate tie– after doing the French Tie, bring the knot underneath the loop.

Pull loop out to cover the tie

Straighten and fluff the loop around your neck.

Around the Neck and Twist

Put the scarf behind your neck.

Bring one side in front of your neck and back around to the other side.


Take one end

Bring it to the loop around your neck and tuck it underneath

Pull that end through. It should now be closest to your body and the loop should be on top of it

Take the other end

Bring it to the loop around your neck and tuck it underneath
Pull it through

Bring both ends towards the middle of your body. Fluff the ends and the loop to fit how you’d like.

(Note – you can get A LOT of different looks on these by varying the tightness, the angle, etc. Play around!)

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2 Responses to Scarf September Level II

  1. Kate Titus says:

    I think if I tried any of these I would just end up hurting myself. ;)

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