The Plan (Part 3)

(See here for Part 1 and Part 2)

We decided to look into those donated embryos our doctor was telling us about. We did some research and found half of the couples that complete IVF and have remaining embryos destroy them, 25% of the couples donate their embryos to science and the remaining 25% donate them to other couples.

With embryo adoption or donation, the basic jist is that you are adopting discarded, unwanted embryos and bringing them into your family! With embryo adoption, you actually get to be pregnant with your adopted child, and maybe even breastfeed!! It’s cheaper than BOTH IVF and infant adoption. The treatment is much easier than IVF since it’s just the last part of the cycle- preparing the uterus and transferring embryos.

Obviously, there’s always a chance it wouldn’t work. As of now, we’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, so if there’s a problem with implantation, even transferring embryos wouldn’t work.

(Side note- this option is termed embryo donation medically speaking, much like an egg donation. In the eyes of the law, an embryo is viewed as somewhere between property or an organ. As sad as this is, what this means is that there doesn’t need to be the expensive and drawn out process of a home study and there isn’t a chance a donor could change their mind afterwards, which can be a couple drawbacks of infant adoption. So those are actually some benefits for us! However, we view life beginning at fertilization so we see these embryos as children and I prefer to call the process embryo adoption.)

This option is a little bit out there… And I had to (and still have to!!) fight a lot of insecurity about everyone’s extreme reaction over how they’ve never heard of this and it’s “SO CRAZY!” But for us… It seems so good. My husband has always been extremely open and excited about adoption. He loves the picture it paints of the gospel of Jesus- taking those who are not in a family, unwanted and alone and drawing them into a forever family, giving them our name and covenanting our love on them forever. I am all for adoption, but there is something in my heart that yearns to be pregnant, longs to have our children grow inside of me and be there for that integral part of their life.

So this is our next step. Unfortunately though, if you remember above, only 25% of remaining embryos are donated. So although there are anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 frozen embryos right now, there aren’t many being donated. Thankfully our doctor’s office is one of the only offices in the area who does do this process. BUT there’s a long waiting list. We’ve been on it since January and we were originally quoted 12-18 months. I’m hopeful that it will be sooner than that, but as for now…

We wait. And we pray that God will protect our sweet little embryos and bring them to us quickly. We pray that he would sustain them and that they would grow into our children, that God would bless us richly and that He would be glorified in creating our family. Won’t you pray with us?


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19 Responses to The Plan (Part 3)

  1. Pat says:

    Continuing to pray daily for that! I love the way you explain it all….you have a wonderful way with words. Love you!

  2. Brittany Green says:

    Ever since you first told me that you were on the waiting list for this I thought that it sounds so fantastic! I still do. Are you planning on having a single embryo or multiple embryos implanted? Wishing you the best!

  3. Christy Connell says:

    Oh Jackie, Our “SO Crazy” response is really an awe inspired “That is amazing- the science and being able to adopt at the earliest stage possible, what an amazing opportunity, we’re thrilled to death” response. Sorry if it comes across wrong, I think it is the most amazing thing, such a wonder! Praying now, He is being glorified through all of this for sure!

  4. megan says:

    That’s so great that you have a plan! I always feel better when I have a plan:)

    Just a side note and you probably already know this, but it is possible to breastfeed an adopted baby. (Combination between pumping and a medicine called Reglan) Circumstances have to be “perfect”, but it happens!

    Praying things will work out for you guys!

  5. Kate Titus says:

    So incredibly excited about this. Totally serious when I say that I think you guys will be awesome parents. Praying.

  6. Vicki says:

    First off, I think this is awesome! I am so glad to see a plan in place for your family. Don’t worry about others’ opinions. If they love you, they will accept you and your decisions.You two have decided with the help of God what is right for you. You do explain things in such a beautiful manner. I enjoyed reading about this. Best wishes and may our gracious God continue blessing you and your future family!

  7. Curry says:

    It is not mere coincidence that your doctor is the only one in the area. I’m crying out to god with you to bring your babies soon and pleading with him for mercy and grace. HE is love!

  8. Kristin Lewis says:

    praying praying praying. The Lord is good. Bring on those embryos!

  9. Steve & Brit says:

    Jackie~ I came to your blog by way of Andrea. She and I went to high school together (a very long time ago!) :) I’ve been following your blog ever since she “introduced” you on her blog. Your posts about infertility have been such a blessing to me. I have several friends that are struggling through infertility, and it’s always tough to know what (not) to say. Thank you for your honesty!

    So after months of “stalking” :) I was moved to comment today. I am an adopted child. I was adopted when I was an infant; it took about a month for the paper work to go through, so I came home when I was just under a month old. My folks couldn’t have kiddos, so they decided to adopt my brother and I. It took 7 years of trying for a baby & waiting to adopt but I finally came home to them. I can’t tell you how blessed I am by this fact. I mean, my parents CHOSE me. How cool is that? They loved me enough to rescue me just like Jesus rescued us. I think what y’all are doing is amazing. This child (these children) are yours. We’ll be praying that He brings them home to you soon. Brittany

    • jackielopina says:

      Brittany thanks SO much for reading and for commenting! It is such a JOY for me to hear about adoption from one who has lived it out. Thank you for your beautiful perspective and sharing the privilege you’ve had of being adopted (twice!)

      • Steve & Brit says:

        Jackie~ I’m so glad! :) If you ever want to chat about adoption from an adoptee’s perspective, feel free to reach out. We can always chat via email if you’d like.

        Enjoy the wonderful weather today! We live in Athens, OH and it’s just gorgeous I’m guessing y’all are having similar fall weather!

    • Erin Connell says:

      Brit, I love what you said here. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt and also have infertility issues. We are doing IVF, but also want to adopt, both equal in desire. I love hearing how an child feels about their adopted parents because I hope that one day my children both adopted and biological feel for me as you do for your parents.

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