Scarf September Level III

These levels aren’t really decided by difficult, fyi. I was just getting bored of “Part 1” and “Part 2.”

BUT… drum roll please….

today I will show you how to dress scarves up for a fancy occasion! When I’m at a wedding or wearing a dress, I almost always bring a scarf/ pashmina. Sometimes I will bring along a cardigan too, but usually they can act as a fabulous wrap – no sweater needed! You can use the ties you’ve already learned like the Loop and Pull or the Fancy Loop and Pull as Emily Weller will model for you at a recent wedding

And here are a few more to add in your arsenal!

Loose Wrap

Place your wrap behind your neck with the ends hanging straight down in front of you.

Straighten and you’re good to go!

Butterfly Shawl

Put the scarf around your neck and bring the ends in front like you did in the Loose Wrap.

Bring the ends under your arms and towards your back.

Tie ends together loosely.

Straighten and you’re done!

The Bandana 

Bring scarf behind your neck and the ends straight in front of you as in the Loose Wrap.

Pick up the two ends

and bring them together and tie.


Try some of these out at your next fancy occasion!


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