Final Summer Fun

I am oh-so-excited that Fall is quickly arriving! The past week we have had some fabulously cool weather and it has been GREAT!! However I wanted to share 2 fun end of summer things I got to do!!

1 – Going to MY FIRST (what?!?) Farmer’s Market with Carlie and Curry!

It seemed there was more “homemade” stuff at the one we went to than produce and things. But we got some salsa, delicious cheese, beer bread baking mix, gluten free goodies (for my mom!) and some bread! Yum!

2 – Going to the ATP with Bryan!

Bryan has turned me into a tennis fan. And I love it!

We went one of the first days so there weren’t any huge matches (although everybody still serves at like 120 – it’s ridiculous!) BUT…

We got to see FEDERER practice!!!

I’m a HUGE Federer fan!

In case you were at the last wedding I went to – – he was the one I was watching during half of the reception:)

He’s my favorite:)

Also Gavin Rossdale was there – – remember him? Apparently they’re buds. It was funny because he was just on Burn Notice a week or two before we went. I wanted to yell something about that just to be funny… but I didn’t:) (Stars – they’re just like us… they go support their friends! Although it’s a tad bit different when your friend is a top professional athlete)

I’d love to watch a Federer match in person one day…

But for now this will have to do:)

Here are a few videos I took just for fun!

Own that court!

That serve is amazing

All right Summer! You’ve been fun… bring on the Fall!!


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