Fun Kid’s Gift Idea

I work with children birth to age 3 so I have some pretty major preferences on ideas, baby items, toys, etc. We always joke that when our kids turn 4 I’ll be like- welp… Now I got nothing:) Ha! I love doing gifts for little ones and my niece has been stretching my “only up until 3” knowledge.

She turned 5 this year and I was brainstorming for a while what to get her for her birthday. I am all for books, texture play, play doh, pretend and creative play and things of the like. Also I’m a little too OCD so I like all items in a gift to go together. Don’t mind me…

Anyway I was thinking through this and came up for an idea of a craft box!!

How fun! I immediately got excited after I thought of it. I did some quick research online for ideas of things to get and went to Target! At the risk of the mama knowing what I spent, I want you to know I got all of this (box included) for about $25!! My time level was very low, but I bet you could even spend less than that with some planning, sales or amazon shopping!

Here it is!!

Look at all the fun stuff inside!

We’ve got some glitter, goggly eyes, tissue paper,

foam stickers, pom poms,

glue, sequins,

glue sticks, crayons, ribbon, pipe cleaners,

drawing paper, construction paper, watercolor paints,

a table cloth to keep it all clean,

and some goodies from my pantry – dry beans, and different types of pasta –

and bits and pieces of my own crafts – a few different yarns and ribbons!

Layer it all up

and pack it neatly in the box.

For my niece’s, I printed a brightly colored “Hannah’s Craft Box” sign and put it underneath the lid so she would know what the heck she was looking at when she opened it up:)

There are lots and lots of other things you could add in this too! And you could always make it for different ages too! I’m thinking about making my 3 year old neighbor one with lots of playdoh and finger painting for her birthday!

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7 Responses to Fun Kid’s Gift Idea

  1. Pat says:

    This was definitely a BIG hit! So many fun things to create with. The plastic tablecloths (2 in the package) were a great idea; I’m keeping one here at my house. Good job, Jackie!

  2. Christie says:

    It really is a great gift. Hannah made Christy and me play “craft box” with her for some time yesterday. She’s so silly though…we weren’t allowed to glue anything down because she doesnt want to use the stuff up! No matter how many times her mama and I told her she could. I have a feeling that box is going to last LONG time!!!

  3. Christy Connell says:

    Hannie loves it! :) Buuut she doesn’t want to use anything for real. She lays out the tissue paper and makes designs and pictures with all the items, but doesnt want to “waste” the glue and decorations. We’re having a lot of fun making things, but then we have to put it all back exactly how you gave it to her…. talk about OCD. :) She tells me its her craft box so she can do it this way if she wants. Go figure! :)

  4. Kristin Lewis says:

    What a great gift idea! Nice job, Jackie!

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