Lakehouse Fun

Last week my husband went out of town to Northern Minnesota for a week. In case you live in the Midwest you remember that last week was BEAUTIFUL Fall weather – in the 50s and 60s! If you know anything about geography you may realize that Northern Minnesota was MUCH colder that that! My poor husband said it felt like 25 degrees one morning when they went out fishing.


On the other end of the spectrum through…

Tennessee! Since my husband was gone for a week, I went down to my parents lake house to hang out with them for a couple days. It was GORGEOUS there – 70s and 80s!

I got to sleep in (yay!!) and one of the mornings there was a lovely, cool fog.


We rode around on the boat

and on the jet skis!

My dad drove the boat of course… We call him the Captain

And my mom danced her way in the passenger seat

Don’t believe me? See below. This may not be entertaining for anyone outside of my family but it’s CLASSIC. I only wish my dad would have air guitared for us. One of my favorite memories EVER.



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