Scarf September Level IV

WELL… it is the LAST day of September! I fully realize that I’ve posted the previous scarf tying posts on the weekend. And I’m sorry. My picture taker/ husband has been out of town and when he’s home we’ve been busy/ it’s been rainy or bad picture taking weather.

I’m sorry. I took this pictures in a hot second yesterday because it was the LAST CHANCE! It was windy, not great lighting and I look a little crazy in a few of these pictures. I’m sorry. Please look past that. Okay? Thanks:)

I hope that last few scarf posts have inspired you. Honestly, you can do almost anything with a scarf and it can look fun! Use the basics you’ve learned so far and do an extra tie, turn it around, fluff here, tighten there… you can get a LOT of looks to accessorize your outfits:)

Here are the LAST few ties I wanted to share! Enjoy!!

Tied in front

This one is cake people. It is literally what it sounds like:) Put scarf behind your neck

Bring the ends to the front

Tie them together

Straighten and bring as close to/ far away from your neck as you like

Tied in Front B (Ascot)

Bring scarf behind your neck

Bring ends to the front and cross over, preparing to tie

Prepare to tie them together but instead of tying like you did before… Take the tie around the back

and bring it up close to your neck, laying it on top


Knot and Pull

(This one is perfect for wearing with a polo or button down!)

Put the scarf behind your neck

Grab one end in the middle of your scarf.

Loop it around your hand

Continue wrapping around your hand

Pull the end of the same scarf through the hole to make a knot

Pick up the other end of the scarf

Pull that end through the hole you made

Straighten and move knot up and down if you’d like

Triple Wrap Around

Do the Around the Neck (Put scarf behind your neck and wrap around once.) You’ll want one side shorter than the other.

Grab the longer side and wrap around again. Try not to choke yourself:)

Tuck the ends in.

Straighten and fluff.

DIY Infinity

Take the two ends of your scarf and tie them together (this works best on a scarf that does not have fringe on the ends) Bring the knot behind your head

Twist the scarf around

And bring it behind your head


The Bow

Put scarf behind your head (This also works best on a scarf without fringe and that isn’t super thick. It works well with a woven scarf)

Tie the ends together in front of you.

Tie a bow.

Straighten. You might need to twist things around a bunch to get them to look the way you want it to.

And don’t forget my newest trick of wearing scarves with BELTS! SO FUN!!

Skinny belt with a simple drape

Skinny belt with Around the Neck

Chunky belt with Loop and Pull!

WOO HOO! Now go out there and make me proud!



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