Big News

There’s a lot of transition going on over here! In case you haven’t heard, our lead pastor has recently accepted a job at Sojourn Community Church.

A big aspect leading into his decision was what would happen to our church after he was gone. Kevin has been an amazing leader, a visionary who has used the gifts God has given him to build things from the ground up. So how can we keep the momentum going, our church growing in the gospel and changing our city? What will our new leadership look like?

Kevin and the elders spent months praying, talking and thinking through every detail in this – for Kevin and Steph personally as well as the church as a whole. So after much prayer and consideration the elders decided….

As of mid October my husband will be the new lead pastor!!

We are so excited and I am THRILLED to get to see my husband lead in this role. In his previous job as the Executive Pastor his nickname was the “junk drawer pastor.” He dealt with anything and everything in the everyday process of the church – budget, staff management, classes, membership, etc. He will now be focusing on vision & preaching. We know change can be hard and we have been so humbled and encouraged by our members’ reception and excitement of the new plan.

This will definitely be a change for our family but we are excited! We appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support during this time!


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to Big News

  1. Jess says:

    So awesome!! I know that God will continue to use Bryan and his awesome wife to reach those who need Jesus!!!!! Love you guys and Praying with you during the transition.

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