Things I Love about Steph – #2 Her Hobbies

When Steph and I spend time together this is usually how it looks. I’ll go over as the kids are being put to bed or right after. We’re both wearing sweatpants. We grab glasses of water and sit down on the couch. Steph puts on a ridiculous movie on in the background. She crochets. We talk about life – how we’ve been doing, new recipes we’ve made, Anna’s latest tantrum, what we’re learning, or what we’re struggling with. We preach the gospel to one another. When the awkward or tense parts of the movie comes Steph usually fast forwards. We encourage one another. It gets late and Steph needs to go to bed. I get up to go and we hug bye. We start talking about one more thing and I am there for 20 more minutes. I leave, sigh a sigh of deep contentment and thank God for our friendship.

One of Steph’s best (and possibly least well known) quirks is her LOVE of silly movies. She is similar to me in that she will watch a show on repeat… although hers are often 80s movies or romantic comedies (surprising right?)

Steph ROCKS the guilty pleasure movies.

Some of her favorites? Footloose. Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Clueless. 27 Dresses. Hitch. Death Becomes Her. (Okay Steph… I don’t actually know if Death Becomes Her is a favorite… it was just the most recent one we’ve watched!!)

An additional AWESOME hobby of Steph’s is her amazing crocheting skills!! Did you know I actually taught her how to crochet last February? I learned in college. The picture above is Steph’s first project – a classic scarf.

I only knew the very basic stitches so that was all I could teach her. She finished her scarf in record time. A few weeks later she told me she was interested in trying a different stitch and looked on youtube. A month later she was showing me 3 fancy new stitches and how to make a hat – – what?!? Someone had a secret talent that we are finally bringing out! Steph now makes things like this:

And this

And she even has her own etsy shop! It’s in vacation mode right now until after the move/transition calms down… but you should check back soon and order some goodies for the holidays!

My dear friend Steph – I treasure getting to live life together… mixing silly movies with deep theological conversation. I will miss getting to come over at a moment’s notice to play with your kids and look at all your newest crochet projects. Living life together will look different while we’re living in different states but I am excited to figure out how this whole things works! Also… one last movie before you go?!?


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4 Responses to Things I Love about Steph – #2 Her Hobbies

  1. Curry Winters says:

    i might have to stop reading this blog series and finish it in a few weeks…she is an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend!

    • jackielopina says:

      Amen sister! You can do it – – it’s a CELEBRATION! We can be sad, but we don’t mourn as those who don’t have hope! We love our sweet friend and the great part is she will only be a few hours away…. or a text or a phone call:) AND… we have a guarantee we will all be together again one day – worshipping at the feet of Jesus! Praise God! Love you Cur:)

  2. steph says:

    haha! Death Becomes Her is NOT one of my favorite movies – just a perfectly ridiculous choice for crocheting and Jackie time :) Some of my other faves are Sweet Home Alabama, Mr&Mrs Smith (you know I’m a sucker for Angelina) and The Italian Job.

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