Things I Love about Steph – #3 Her Genuine and Peaceful Spirit

So many of us struggle with putting on a front to others- portraying how we want to be or wish people would think of us instead of how we really are. We lie to the world and to ourselves because we are too prideful to fess up to the truth.

Steph is not one of those people.

If you get a chance to sit down and talk to Steph her vulnerability can catch you off guard. We’re not used to the pastor’s wife saying she has had a hard week. Gasp! Isn’t she supposed to be perfect? Steph does an amazing job of being honest with her life and her struggles. She shares how hard marriage and motherhood and the Christian life is. When we talk to her she makes us remember- and really, really believe- that we are all sinful, we all struggle with idols and are running the race that feels exhausting at times.

And because of how honest she is about her own sin, there is an open door to share you own. I never feel judged or condemned when I share my heart with Steph. She seeks to understand where I’m coming from and normalizes the battle. And then she reminds me of the grace of God. She preaches me the gospel and helps encourage me to run to Jesus and follow him hard. She reminds me of his sovereignty and his goodness, of His love and the victory He has already won!

Steph is so genuine- not only in sharing her struggles but also encouraging you in yours. She exudes an air of peace. Steph has a calming presence that is so, so good for my high strung and roller coaster soul. She helps center me on Jesus and the things that are really important instead of the circumstances of life that demand our attention.

Steph- You have shown me how to be a servant leader. Being honest and open about our sin doesn’t keep people from knowing Jesus but rather pushes them to know Him more. What an encouragement! Thank you for your vulnerability over the past 10ish years. You’ve been the catalyst for me to be more vulnerable – both in our friendship and other relationships too. I am so thankful that your calming presence exudes over texts, phone calls, your blog, Facebook, twitter and pinterest too… I will need it!! :)


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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5 Responses to Things I Love about Steph – #3 Her Genuine and Peaceful Spirit

  1. Caroline says:

    Jackie, you are a very loving friend and I love that about Steph too. Also, I couldn’t help but notice your awesome vocabulary in your posts. Very impressed. You barely used any “to be” or passive verbs.

  2. Kate Titus says:

    I could not agree more with this post.

  3. this is such a huge compliment – as well as every other post! I do value authenticity and vulnerability SO highly and I’m glad that it shows :)

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