Things I Love about Steph – #4 Her Faithfulness and Loyalty

About 6 months ago I heard a quote describing Nancy Reagan, the First Lady. A politician defined her as being “fiercely loyal.”  They characterized her as doing everything for the President’s best interest, working tirelessly to protect her family and help her husband by any means possible.

At that time, the depiction of the First Lady struck me. I thought to myself “This is the calling of a pastor’s wife too.”  And I have not seen a better example of this than through Steph.

We joke sometimes that Steph is a “Mama Bear.” If you get on her bad side she will eat you. Just kidding:) But in all seriousness Steph is faithful and dependable. Her loyalty runs deep with her family and friends. She will staunchly defend your honor if someone is mistreating you or saying falsities about you. Stephanie is a friend (and a wife!) that always gives a good report. She works very hard not to say anything negative about her husband, to complain or give anyone a reason to have a charge against him.

This is something Steph is very intentional in. She has shown me the importance of defending people’s honor and how words can bring death or life – especially to and about our husbands. This is particularly important when your husband is a pastor and I have learned so much about this from her. Steph is a friend that I know would never say anything bad about me behind my back. If she’s got an issue with me – she will talk about it in front of my face:) (The good kind!)

Steph is very protective about her husband, her children and her friends. She is steadfast and unwavering. But what overshadows all of that is her massive faithfulness to Jesus. Steph clings tightly to his cloak and seeks for His glory to flow into all areas of life. Praise God!

Steph thank you for showing me what true loyalty looks like. Thank you for your unwavering faithfulness to Jesus. By the grace of God, you are fiercely loyal with your husband, your children and your friends. Thank you for being that steadfast and faithful in our friendship. You encourage me to endure and fight the good fight!


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to Things I Love about Steph – #4 Her Faithfulness and Loyalty

  1. was this whole series just an attempt to stay on my good side?? j/k :) thanks friend!

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