Things I Love About Steph- #5 How She Loves Her Children

I’ve known Steph for about 10ish years. I’ve gotten to see her grow from Kevin’s girlfriend into a loving wife and mother of 2. Steph’s journey as a mother has been especially joyful to watch.

When Steph had Anna she basically had zero experience with babies. She got stressed when she cried and in her own words “We had no idea what we were doing.”

Fast forward a bit.

Anna is almost 3 and little Owen will turn 1 this month. By the grace of God, Steph has grown into a model of a godly mother. She’s gained so many practical skills – she’s a rock star nurser, the sleep nazi and has gotten pretty good at discipline – but even more important than all of that, she seeks to raise her children for the glory of God.

Steph knows that she is serving the Lord in raising her children. She knows that God is sanctifying her through motherhood (even though it may be crazy hard at times!) Steph is honest about those battles and doesn’t paint a perfect, rosy picture of motherhood. She is vulnerable sharing those difficulties, but isn’t bitter about the difficulties in parenting. She’ll never be the one to tell new mothers “Enjoy eating and going to the bathroom now – you’ll never be able to do it alone again”… even if it may be true:)

It’s been so fun to watch Steph grow from someone who hadn’t changed a diaper before into the knowledgeable, loving mother she is now. And it’s been an absolute pleasure to see her grow in her confidence of loving her children for Jesus and seeking to glorify God in her mothering and in her children’s lives.

Steph I have learned so much about parenting from you. Your children are joys and it’s been so neat to see you constantly remind yourself of that – even as Anna is throwing a tantrum in the Target parking lot:) I am excited to one day mother together – in our different states of course. Be prepared for the tables to be turned on question asking. Of course I won’t need to ask you tantrum extinction strategies or when babies crawl:) … but the much more important stuff of how do we raise our children to know Jesus! Thank you for loving your children so well. Love!!


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