An Ode to… My iPad!

I’ve totally become an iPad head. My husband is all about new and exciting gadgets. I, unfortunately am a “slow adopter.” It takes me a long time to get on board with new things sometimes but once I do…

I’m all about it!! My husband uses his computer mainly for work so my iPad is basically my computer. I use it for email, twitter, pinterest, to check my wordpress stats and update blog posts, to shop online and read the news. And to play some games of course too:) But six of my FAVORITE things I use my ipad for are:

  1. Listening to music/ sermons/ audio books while driving
  2. Inputing calories in and out to keep track and try to be healthy
  3. Reading my blogs easily in my reeder
  4. Figuring out where I’m going on google maps when I’m lost:)
  5. Looking up recipes and propping it up in the kitchen while baking. (ALWAYS)
  6. WatchingTV shows on netflix while baking or laying in bed. (Fabulous!!)

And I recently got an application for my grocery list… which sounds lame but it’s been awesome so far. This slow adopter is SOLD!

Yay for iPads!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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