Hope for Tomorrow

Yesterday my husband and I attended a memorial service for a man, Mike Smith, whose family has attended our church. He passed suddenly a few weeks ago at the age of 48. Bryan had more contact with the family, but unfortunately I did not know them, other than hearing how great they were.

Mike Smith was a pillar in the community, a leader of those younger and a loving husband and father. He loved Jesus deeply and imparted that to all he came in contact with. He left a legacy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The memorial service was amazing. I was sitting there, tears streaming down my face as I heard his friend, his brother in law, his two high school daughters and his wife share of his deep rooted faith and their hope in Jesus.

I wish I could share with you everything his daughters and wife said- they were so grounded with the peace that comes from faith in Christ alone. A few things in specific struck a chord with me- even more than just the words spoken. His family stood up together and each one- his wife and both of his daughters- talked about the goodness of God. Their faith was unshakeable. Their hope was in Jesus alone. Not even the sorrow of losing their earthly father could deter from the confidence of knowing their heavenly Father is faithful and He is for them.

Funerals of saints of Jesus are so beautiful. I walk away with a fire lit in my soul. I want to take risks like this for Jesus. I want to honor Him above all else. I want to be remembered not as a “nice girl” or a “good person” but as a sinner saved by the blood of Jesus alone, who sought her entire life to glorify God, who loved deeply and passionately and whose life was filled with the grace of Jesus, showing others the love and joy of the gospel of Jesus. I long to grow my roots deeper and deeper into the love of Christ so that no matter what happens- my faith will be unshakeable and my hope will be in Jesus.

I am so thankful for Mike Smith and the impact he has had on his family, his community and so many others. I pray that God will continue to do big things through the people he has impacted. May we run after Jesus with all we’ve got!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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