Joy of Community

I’ve written before on this topic and I am 100% sure I will write on it again. We are called to live lives with other believers, walking hand in hand. One of the ways we do this at our church is through community groups. I can’t even keep track anymore, but I think there are almost 15 groups in and around the area. Amazing!! These are people who meet weekly, talk about and process through the sermon and walk through life together. They share joys and sorrows. They pray for one another. They share meals. They serve together – both one another and others outside of their community group.

These are some of the people in our community group. We are blessed to have a little age diversity which is unique and fun. I love our community group. If you’re not in one yet, do something about that! And for all of us, I urge us to step out of our comfort zone, initiate relationships with people, open up and share life!! Not only is this obedient to Jesus, but you’ll be blessed to do so.


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One Response to Joy of Community

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Our CG has multiplied/regrouped/changed several times since we started being involved. Each time I’m nervous about the new dynamic but each time we’ve been blessed and encouraged. I agree, it’s so vital.

    p.s. your mantel looks lovely.
    p.p.s. I made your pumpkin bread tonight for the first time this season. Super yummy.

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