Role Reversal

My husband and I started dating in high school at the end of my junior (his senior year.) Our first official date was prom… And the next time we hung out he came over to my house to bake chocolate chip cookies with me. (Ha!! A little foreshadowing of life now?)

Anyway, we has been dating for a few months when homecoming rolled around. I knew his family a little more by this time and it was fun to take pictures at their house. Bryan’s littlest sister is 11 years younger than him so she was a wee 7 or so at the time.

And obviously I just had to get a picture with this cutie.

Well… It’s not 2002 anymore so we’ve all grown up. And look who recently went to homecoming?!?

Yes, her. We tried to recreate our picture… Although it’s a little more awkward when she’s not the height of an 8 year old anymore.

Bryan and I both felt a little old (and he felt protective too!!)

It’s been so neat to see the woman that this little girl has grown up to be. She loves the Lord and is sharing Him with her friends. She’s mature and wise and still just so darn cute:) Kim I’m so excited to see what Jesus will do in you and through you for years to come!! We love you!!


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One Response to Role Reversal

  1. Pat says:

    Another post that made me cry! Thanks for being there for all the hooplal!

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