Decorated for Fall!

Decorating has never been something that came easy to me. It took a terribly ugly painted kitchen, a too bland apartment and a couple years of empty walls to even know what I liked! But I desire my home to feel warm, lived in and welcoming so I will continue working out that decorating muscle.

While (semi) permanent decorating is a little difficult for me, seasonal decorating seems to come a little more natural… Or maybe it’s just that I dove head first into it:) It’s SO fun!! I love having the inside of my home feel festive and alive. And next to Christmas, Autumn is the time when my home is most decked out.

I decorated my mantle and put wreaths up in September, but it’s not been until the last month where everything is complete. Here it is!!


Blocks in living room

Indian corn hung on the railing of the stairs

Little details on a coffee table in the corner

1st version of bookshelf in dining room

Complete with gourds! (Although I was using my crock pot at the time… yes, it is officially part of my decoration)

2nd Bookshelf in dining room

I love these top two shelves

Simple table in dining room

Details on the console table in corner

Vases, pinecones, leave and candles on top of a quiet refrigerator

A just finished wreath, fabulous new dish towel and sunflowers from Costco:)

Oh and don’t worry – My husband cut out Spurgeon, Calvin and Luther to decorate our mantle for Reformation Day:)

And they’re still going strong:)


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7 Responses to Decorated for Fall!

  1. Andrea says:

    It’s beautiful! Great job Jackie…next year I know I will need to enlist your help. I loved all the frames filled with autumnal words and, well, everything!

  2. Katie says:

    where did you get those candle sticks on your mantle?? they are lovely :)

  3. Pat says:

    Beautiful! So many nice touches! I wish I were better at decorating….

  4. em says:

    i have to say… i’m so happy to see something in the frame on bookshelf #2! ha :) all very pretty and very you. love you!!

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