Answered Prayers

My husband and I have had a crazy couple of months. Remember the big announcement we made a few months back about my husband becoming the lead pastor of The Oaks Community Church?

Well, the transition has gone better than we could have hoped for. Praise God!! Sometimes it’s easy for me to dwell on things that have gone wrong and quickly forget the things that have gone well. But the Lord has overwhelmed us with His faithfulness and grace. He is SO good and have revealed that to us time and time again. Because of that, I wanted to take some time to write a few answered prayers.

I prayed our people would be understanding and continue to be a part of The Oaks even with leadership change. We have been humbled and amazed at how the people of The Oaks have joyfully trusted and follow the leadership and has been excited to move forward. We thought there would be a little more frustration and we have been AMAZED at how smoothly it has gone! Praise God!

I prayed for a good transition for Kevin and Steph and that this move would positively impact their family. Steph wrote a few weeks back about what an amazing transition this has been and how Jesus has revealed His faithfulness to them again and again and again. Praise God!

I prayed for my husband’s preaching and that he would grow in planning and giving sermons. Before my husband became the lead pastor, he had preached about 15-20 sermons. Since October, he has preached almost every week. And – I realize I’m a little biased but Bryan has been KICKIN it! His preaching has been powerful, strong and gospel centered, continually making Jesus the hero. Praise God!

I prayed that my husband would have men around him who support, encourage and challenge him. Bryan did an amazing job at supporting Kevin and protecting the leadership and the pulpit. I was a little nervous about who would be that man for him. A sole leader is one who carries too much of a burden, who can burn out quick. I have been so, so thankful to see numerous men step up. I am incredibly thankful for our elders and staff. They care for my husband so well and it has been a joy and relief seeing those solid, godly men backing up my husband and making him an even better pastor. Praise God!

I prayed this would positively impact our marriage and family. I was nervous about my husband being a lot busier and seeing him less or his stress increasing. It’s been an absolute joy to see him ease into this role so well. He continues to love and serve me in the way he spends his time and the way we spend time together. I am so thankful this transition has gone well for our family so far and excited for what Jesus has in store for our future!

Praise God for his abundant and good grace!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to Answered Prayers

  1. great post. made me miss you a ton though :( *tear, sniffle, sniffle*

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