Vacation is So Good For The Soul

Can I get an Amen?

Thankfully me and my husband are both “vacation people.” We value them, always have a blast together and like to vacation the same way – relax, dine well, enjoy beautiful scenery and have fun!

We went on a cruise the week before Christmas. It was my FIRST cruise! A cruise is an awesome way to get to see a lot of different countries but we’re probably not “die hard cruisers” after that trip. We prefer to put a couple roots in a place we’re staying and check out everything there is to see. All that to say, we had a BLAST!

It was SO relaxing

And really fun spending time together and getting to do new things.

After I got home I realized a really, really great thing is that I didn’t clean, straighten or pick up A SINGLE THING when we were there. You’re done with your drink? Just leave it on the table. Just hopped out of the shower? Throw your towel on the floor. They cleaned our room TWICE A DAY… made the bed, vacuumed, straightened up and changed towels. Even on vacation I never get housework completely off (dishes still need to be done and the hotel needs to be straightened so you can still walk around!) so that was a HUGE treat. And they made us towel animals which was too fun:)

Everyone kept saying that Carnival is such a “party”… but I guess when you get tired and go watch a movie in your room at 9pm every night you may miss some of the party part if it, huh?

More pictures up tomorrow!


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