Turtles at Grand Caymen!

For our first stop in Grand Caymen, we had booked a jet ski tour to Sting Ray City. We were SO excited!!! However, when we both woke up at 6am because the boat was rocking (the only time I was afraid I was going to be seasick) we got a little nervous. That morning they informed us that there was a bad storm the night before and Sting Ray City was closed! BOO!! We were very sad.

The weather was a little cool, so it wasn’t great beach day either. We decided to go to the turtle farm… figuring it would be just like a little zoo, but that we should do something since we were there.

A little rooster greeted us at the entrance

And we saw lots of turtles… it was awesome!!

Then we were happy:)

There were tanks where you could reach in and touch the sea turtles… and hold some too! Here’s Bryan picking up our first one:


He got it!


The Grand Caymen guide helped me hold one next. It was a little tricky and my husband took a funny video. If you’re lucky I’ll show you that soon:)


Here’s a big guy

We got to feed them too!


Here, turtle, turtle…

Feeding them was fun!!

Taking a little break

I wanted to try to pick another one up

I should be an old pro at this right?

EXCEPT this one didn’t want to be picked up. He was heavy and strong and his flipper kept smacking my hand. Ouch! :)

I even got to hold a baby turtle!

I was so excited!

Look how cute this guy is!

And as we were leaving Bryan saw a worker with THESE tiny little guys (in a rubbermaid container…so cute!)

I love these two babies!!!

We had so much fun at the turtle farm

See you later buddy:)

We took a ferry back to the ship… the water was insane.

So beautiful.

We hung out at the pool…

and after dinner came back to see our favorite towel creation!

Too cute

That’s all for now… the glorious private beach is next:)


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2 Responses to Turtles at Grand Caymen!

  1. Jenna Belle says:

    It looks like you had an amazing trip! We went to Puerta Vallarta for Thanksgiving and were lucky enough to see recently hatched sea turtles make their trip to the ocean. It literally brought tears to my eyes watching them. When I got home, I learned that sea turtles are symbols of fertility! I think I needed to see them at that very time too. I’m so happy you got this close encounter with sea turtles too, they are amazing creatures.

    • jackielopina says:

      I’ve heard great things about Puerta Vallarta. That is awe-inspiring that you got to see the hatched sea turtles go home! How beautiful! So neat to find encouragement in the beautiful creation, letting that lead us to worship the Creator!

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