Resolving Resolute Resolutions

I like making goals, if you haven’t noticed:) I’m hoping to meet more of my 26 goals before I turn 27 (in February! Eek!) Making resolutions can be good, but only with the knowledge that our salvation comes from the grace of God alone and not from our good works. Whether we meet our New Year’s Resolutions or we don’t – we are still loved and valued!

With that being said, here are a couple goals… some serious, some not so. Will they happen? We’ll see :)

My New Years Resolutions for 2012:

  1. Read the bible in a year – this time in chronological order. The last 2 years I’ve read the same bible plan in a year and it’s been AWESOME. This year I wanted to switch things up with a different plan.
  2. Have a “get away” Sabbath day once a month. This is something I wanted to do for the last year but wasn’t intentional about it and only did it a couple times. This year I’m going to schedule it far in advance.
  3. Read a book a month. Whether it’s for learning or for pleasure, I just want to read more!!
  4. Learn conversational Spanish. I basically just want to have a conversation with servers at Mexican restaurants and understand when my clients speak Spanish with their families. This is a pretty useful tool for life and would be awesome I think:)
  5. Answer my phone more and texts quicker. When I get home, my brain can often be too fried that I don’t answer calls or it takes me forever to call people back. Not super respectful… something I want to be mindful of.
  6. Take care of my body – eat healthy and exercise. This is something that is ALWAYS hard for me, but important for my health, the way I feel and something I need/want to focus on more.
  7. Learn how to sew! This has been on my to-do list for a long time and I need to pull the trigger.

The girl talk blog posted a few days ago about needing Jesus for every change, every resolution. It’s so good and I recommend you read it! This is a great reminder to me that God has graciously gifted us with another year. I am hopeful God will bless us with family this year but whether He gives or takes away we will say Blessed Be His Name!


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2 Responses to Resolving Resolute Resolutions

  1. megrigano says:

    Thanks for sharing Jackie, I have a similar book goal for the year. Praying for you. And I love the comment on Steph’s blog about not turning Bryan into a cook. Lol-ed at that.

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