My 27th Year

One thing my 27th birthday means is the end of my 26 goals for my 26th year! I’d like to tell you, I accomplished them all with flying colors, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I wrote some blog posts about these goals and linked them at each goal. I also wrote a bit about which ones I’d like to still work on. Here’s the list in it’s entirety!

26 for 26

1. Re-prioritize my life. Work on what my main priorities are, my future goals and reverse engineer my life so what I spend my time, energy and money on fits my priorities. Say no to things that don’t. Make the most out of my time.

2. Grow some herbs – even if they’re just in a little pot!

3. Learn how to take better pictures, especially of food. (I think I’ve improved significantly and want to more!)

4. Organize my storage in my basement – keep seasonal decorations together, with labels, pictures of my mantles etc. Create a pantry there too and do more bulk/ costco shopping to keep that new freezer stocked!

5. Start listening to audio scripture when I’m driving. Make recordings of certain verses and memorize them while driving to work and driving to visits all day. Make the most of my drive time – set times of prayer/ people to pray for, meditating on what I read that morning, etc. (Still working on)

6. Learn some sewing basics from my mama. (Didn’t get to do this yet)

7. Finally conquer yeast breads, rolls and cinnamon rolls (by hand!) Emily Weller is also working on some yeast fun so I am excited to learn with her and from her! (Didn’t get to do this yet)

8. Balance work and life better – – drawing the line where I need to and being disciplined for my priorities to be obvious in the way I spend my time. Have a typical work schedule and try to stick with it. Don’t be ruled by the urgent/ non important things of work. (A continual battle, but I am getting better little by little!)

9. Get mantle decorations/ decorative wreath for the entire year (and maybe throw pillows if I get real motivated!)

10. Study infertility in the bible.

11. Get more beads for my new charm bracelet

12. Visit Minnesota another time.

13. Exercise AT LEAST 3 a week. Hopefully I can do closer to 4-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes on a normal basis.

14. Floss regularly (realizing this may be a longterm goal. Last year I flossed for the month after/ month before each dentist appointment… here’s to hoping it can be 2 months each way this time. Slowly but surely we’ll get there)

15. Be creative in planning date nights and intentionally loving my husband well.

16. Know the Bible more – memorizing what certain chapters are about, where important happenings are. Know the flow of books. (Always learning more!!)

17. Become a certified lactation counselor

18. Wear make-up most days. I’m 26. I shouldn’t wear makeup only for special occasions! This should have been a normal thing for turning 13.

19. Expand my crafts – making decorations, cards etc.

20. Improve my blog, learn tips, know WordPress more. (working on it)

21. Pray more with my husband. Pray more for my husband.

22. Introduce a couple new spices/ ingredients in my cooking

23. Improve/ expand the car seat program at work – get more techs, delegate responsibilities and make my life easier:)

24. Love my friends well. Be intentional about spending time with life giving friends who draw me closer to Jesus. Prioritize. (See #1)

25. Trust Christ in the story He has for us. Give Him my anxieties, worries and stress. Keep my eyes off of others’ blessings and babies and know that it does not concern me. Run to Jesus. Trust that God is good.

26. Live in the reality of the spiritual realm. Not circumstances, not what I feel circumstances are – but who Jesus is. What Jesus has done. What He is doing. That He is victorious. That He is coming back to reign and rule for all eternity!!! (Amen and amen.)


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One Response to My 27th Year

  1. em says:

    you have definitely improved on #3 – way to go! and please don’t check #12 off. come on. that should be a yearly goal. we could work on about half of the other things together. do it!!
    love you & so thankful for your life and how Christ is shaping you and working in you and through you!

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