Imperfectly Beautiful

In our world of social media it’s easy to see only what someone portrays. On Facebook, we put up the most attractive pictures of ourselves where we look 20 pounds thinner and comment on the cool things we’re doing with other people. We read blogs and think – wow, that person is so wise or such an amazing decorator or such a great wife or mom… how does she do it all?

I work really hard on my blog (and in my life) not to only portray the good, happy parts. Life is messy, life is hard. Two days in a row last week I told different groups of people “I cry ALL the time. ALL the time.” Self-awareness is important. :)

Yet even though I work hard in portraying myself on my blog, I know it still can be easy to look through posts and think “I mess up break and bake cookies and hers look so pretty” or “I struggle with criticism and frustration of my husband and hers seems so perfect”… and I do the same thing too. Often. I have severely curbed my Facebook habit because I get on and get so jealous of pregnancy updates or picture profiles with growing bellies or status updates with all the best things about motherhood. It’s easy to look at those people and think “wow, your life is so perfect.”

Yet we’re all imperfect.

We’re all sinners desperately in need of grace. Jesus literally stepped into our world, into our mess. And when we know Him- when we have the confidence of grace that has covered our sins, covered our imperfections we can share them. We can share our bitterness and our struggles with pride and our doubts.

One of my favorite bloggers, The Nester is doing a link party today on imperfections. She is an amazing decorator who phrased “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Although there is MUCH more imperfect in my life than just my messy house, I thought it could be encouraging for me to share my messy house pictures with you.

You are not alone in your mess. It may be an ugly mirror you’ve hated for 3 1/2 years;

a near empty bookshelf;

half-done projects laying around;

or a terribly empty wall begging for a gallery wall… that probably won’t start for another 6 months;

a sidetable… that always has piles of mail and medications;

planning to decorate the inside of this shelf… for the past year and still not even buying the supplies;

boring guest room walls with nothing on them;

with broken blinds (since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago);

and of course, a messy (normal) living room.

We’ve all got messes – on both the inside and outside of our heart. But thanks be to God! He saved us out of our mess of sin and redeemed us. When we know Him, we don’t have to pride ourselves with a perfect marriage, stunning looks, a powerful status, a spotless home or well behaved children. Our worth is in the cross of Christ alone. So when we DON’T have those things (because we rarely do), we don’t have to hide them. Jesus made beauty out of our mess. His grace covers us even though our mess continues.

(But just in case you think I never have baking fails, please see my nonpolitically correct baby cake and a bread fail.)


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11 Responses to Imperfectly Beautiful

  1. Megan says:

    Jackie, thank you. Really encouraged and thankful for you.

  2. Kristin Lewis says:

    Great gospel reminder! Thanks Jackie.

  3. laxsupermom says:

    Great post! I identify with so much of what you’ve written. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jackie, thanks for this post! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and haven’t ever commented. It’s nice to be reminded that everyone else is just as messy as I am. Thanks for making an effort to be honest. It’s very much appreciated:).

  5. I have read through many of your posts and I wanted to tell you you are truly an incredible writer. I can see your authenticity and you look like an incredible cook (which is something I am terrible at). Thanks for sharing your imperfections and for visiting my blog!


  6. Kellyy says:

    I love you friend:) And I share your love for the Nester. Your house always feels warm and welcoming – I’ve never noticed your empty wall or messy coffee table. And because I love you I feel like I can tell you – that baby cake was one of the ugliest cakes I have ever seen in my life:) Hilarious. But at least it didn’t collapse in the middle of someone’s wedding reception – now THAT would be a disaster;) Thanks for being authentic AND encouraging, on your blog and in life!

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